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The Merrychef eikon e3

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Big power in a small package

The Merrychef E3 is barely two feet in width, depth or height, but it delivers mighty big power from that small space.

It is perfect for coffee shops, food courts, convenience stores, bakeries, concession kiosks or any quick-serve restaurant, where space may be somewhat limited but potential is not.

The digital touchscreen interface is easy to learn and easy to use, allowing anybody to cook perfectly with just a couple of touches.

The E3 delivers cook times that are up to six times faster than conventional ovens.


The E3 oven is one of the most versatile in the Merrychef range. Convection mode allows up to three racks of cooking for baked goods, and its rotating turntable ensures even browning. It can then be returned to speed cooking in microwave mode when needed.

It delivers results up to six times faster than a conventional oven, and with an absolute consistency that conventional ovens simply cannot provide.

Cooking requirements for new menu options can easily be programmed via the MenuConnect system, allowing everybody to cook everything absolutely perfectly, absolutely all the time.

We offer 12 months parts and labour guarantee on every Merrychef E3 oven we sell.


  • easyToUCH icon-driven screen controls, for perfect cooking every time
  • USB memory stick data transfer of up to 1024 cooking programmes
  • Improved safety: the exterior remains cool to the touch at all times
  • Waste reduction
  • Cost-effective cooking
  • Catalytic technology to eliminate grease and remove cooking odours, so no need for separate extraction and ventilation systems
  • Upload new menus easily through MenuConnect software and USB drive (in protected position on front of the oven)
  • Energy-saving standby mode – the E3 automatically powers down when not in use, and has a quick recovery time when needed again
  • Optional Ethernet technology to allow for off-site maintenance checks and troubleshooting, and remote menu uploads – ideal for operations with more than one outlet
  • Precise power levels cook even the most delicate products perfectly
  • Reduced wait and service times, to increase speed, service, quality and freshness
  • Uses three heating technologies (convected heat, impingement air, and microwave energy)

Technical Specifications

eikon® e3
W x D x H 231/2” x 21″ x 213/4
59.7cm x 53.3cm x 55.2cm
Weight 137.8 lb
62.5 kg
Power Output 4.70 N/A
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 230 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications CENSF


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