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The Merrychef eikon e2s

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Opening up new opportunities

The Merrychef e2s is the most compact model in the market-leading eikon range as it stands just 15” wide – but remember that great things come in small packages.

Its compact size means it opens up great opportunities for food outlets who wish to offer a broader range and secure a greater income, but who were previously limited by available space.

Staff training need not be a problem or additional cost any more either, as the e2s allows anyone to cook hot food perfectly each time with the simple touch of an eikon button.

The e2s cooks up to twenty times faster than conventional ovens, and two can be connected together to double the capacity from one power supply.


Available as a high powered unit cooking up to 20 times faster faster with a 2000W microwave, 2200W convection and tuned impingement. Standard powered cooking up to 12 times faster with a 1000W microwave and tuned impingement.

The E2s has ventless cooking capabilities through a built-in catalytic converter that reduces odours and removes the need for an expensive separate ventilation system. If a problem ever arises, an in-built diagnostic system can help you have the oven up and running again quickly, so downtime is kept to a minimum.


Best in class energy efficiency (0.7 kWh in standby mode)
Exhaust vent at rear of unit
User-definable temperature bandwith
Built-in diagnostic testing
12″cavity with a 14″ wide footprint
Rapid cooking, combining three heat technologies (tuned impingement, microwave, convection)
Accessory storage on top of the unit
Convection fan setting, 10–100% in 1% increments
Cool-to-touch exterior
Easy access, front-mounted air filter
easyTouch®, icon-driven touchscreen user interface
Fits on a 600mm worktop
Quiet operation (45.3 dBA in standby mode)
Rapid cooking up to 20 times faster than conventional ovens
USB memory stick data transfer of up to 1024 cooking profiles
UL certified ventless cooking capabilities through built-in catalytic converter
Very easy to clean seam welded cavity with large rounded corners

Technical Specifications

eikon® e2s Classic
W x D x H 14″ x 233/8” x 243/8
35.6cm x 59.4cm x 61.9cm
Weight 133.8 lb
60.7 kg
Power Output N/A
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 230 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications CECUL
eikon® e2s Trend
W x D x H 14″ x 233/8” x 253/8
35.6cm x 59.4cm x 64.5cm
Weight 134.7 lb
61.1 kg
Power Output N/A
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 230 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications CECUL


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