Football fans will know that Southampton was in the news over a hat-trick recently, as Southampton FC striker hit three goals against Aston Villa in less than three minutes of their Premier League clash on May 16.

Well, we’ve also had a hat-trick of our own in Southampton, as an order for just one Merrychef oven then brought orders for two more when the customer was so happy with what he got.

That customer was James, the owner and manager of a small chain of service stations. He contacted us to say he wanted to install a Merrychef E5 in one of his shops. Having reviewed the needs of the business, we advised that that the Merrychef E3 would actually be more suitable, due to space and footfall considerations.

A month after installation of that E3, James was so happy that he actually ordered two more for his other service stations. Read what he had to say below:

[testimonial style=”” image=”” name=”James” company=”Southampton” stars=”5″]
Excellent service and value for money. So impressed that we have bought two more within a month. Cannot recommend highly enough